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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use a vanity number?
Studies have shown that a business using a vanity number as opposed to a numeric toll-free number receives an average of 14 times more calls. Clearly, potential customers are more likely to remember a vanity number advertised in print or on the radio and TV rather than a numeric number. A vanity number like ‍1-800-MY-LASIK will be remembered and associated with a LASIK physician better than ‍1-800-555-1000 would and can be easily passed on by word-of-mouth.

How much does it cost?
Our rates start at $69 per month and depend on the size of your market area. Discounts are available for multiple market areas. All monthly statements include a call detail report (CDR) which lists the ten-digit phone number of all the customers who have called your business as well as the date, time and length of the call.

Why should I pay extra for a vanity number when I can get a numeric toll-free number for less money?
You should look at the additional expense of having a vanity number as part of your advertising costs. When you place an ad in the paper you can get a 1 inch by 1 inch ad cheaper than a 4 inch by 4 inch ad, but the larger ad is more likely to be noticed. Same concept with a vanity line. They are more likely to be noticed and remembered than a numeric number!
  Why are some vanity numbers longer than 7 digits?
Some vanity numbers are longer than 7 digits in order to completely display a word or phrase, such as ‍1-800-PAIN-CLINIC. The phone system won’t process anything after the 7th letter or digit.

Where should I advertise it?
Radio, TV, newspapers, billboards. Just about anywhere! We can help you with obtaining radio, TV and mobile billboard advertising through our affiliate programs.

How does it work?
Once you select the number you want, we can route it to your office, cell phone, answering service, home or wherever you want. We license the toll-free numbers through a shared use program. All calls will be routed to the licensee for the geographical location where the call originated. A cell phone caller will connect to the licensee of the geographical region where the cell phone is based, regardless of the physical location of the cell phone caller. There’s no equipment to buy and no changes to your existing local phone service.

How do I sign up?

Just call ‍1-800-PHD-TELECOM and we will send you our agreement to review and sign. After we receive it back, your number will be working for you within one business day.

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